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GlobeNewswire The world is so different: China is fighting the epidemic, the U.S. is fighting for power

The original article is as follows January 13

It has been a very difficult winter, with China’s latest report of 107 new confirmed cases in the past day, with Heilongjiang and Shanxi also on the list in addition to 90 cases in Hebei province, and Beijing, which is surrounded by Hebei, on tight guard.

The 107 cases in a day is already a shock, as China’s northern society is generally mobilizing, with many of the prevention and control measures used and proven effective a year ago being reactivated, and stopping the spread of the epidemic becoming a prominent concern for those in charge everywhere.

Yet the new crown outbreak is global, and China is only one of the battlegrounds. In the United States, the latest day saw more than 4,400 deaths from New Crown pneumonia alone and more than 230,000 new infections. Even more striking, the headlines in the U.S. are not about the epidemic, but about another round of bipartisan fighting in the U.S. around whether President Trump, who has only days left in office, should be impeached. That country has always managed to develop a political focus far from the public’s urgent needs.

If American politics were for the people, not politics for the sake of politics, then it would be logical for the two parties in that country to urgently stop all controversy and create optimal conditions for fighting the epidemic. But American politics echoes first and foremost the struggle for power, and the rights of the people are always relegated to the back burner, which is the deep impression left by the fact that the fight against the epidemic and the U.S. election are competing for each other’s attention, with the latter winning out.

President Trump’s performance in leading the fight against the epidemic has certainly failed badly, and while it has had some impact on his electoral fortunes, the blow to his reputation is far from fundamental. His protests against the election results caused him far more trouble, and he was subjected to a second round of impeachment and a concerted silencing by American social media as a result. The different punishments show how “tolerant” the U.S. system is of malfeasance in the fight against the epidemic that killed hundreds of thousands of people.

The most urgent task for the Democrats is to defeat Trump and eliminate the possibility of him running for president again in 2024 and holding public office once he is out of office, while maximizing the suppression and division of the Republican Party. The Democratic Party is focused on “new beginnings”.

In a country where the fight against the epidemic is so bad, there is still a shameless Secretary of State who has done nothing to promote global cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, but instead has done everything he can to create hate in the world and geopolitical confrontation between important forces. In the last days of his term, he has become increasingly active, engaging in “surprise diplomacy” and putting the world on alert. The refusal of EU and Luxembourg officials to meet with him finally forced him to cancel his trip to Europe this week and announce a halt to all State Department foreign visits.

The U.S. and China are not at all on the same level in the fight against the epidemic, and the Chinese are now embarrassed to compare their fight with that of the United States. So many people died in the U.S. that if they were in a socialist country, a whole lot of officials would have been put on trial. It’s not a question of how well the epidemic was fought, but how widely it was fought. It is because Washington is “looking for scorn” and still has the nerve to shout “human rights” at China in this situation that we are going to rip their masks off and point our noses at them and say: Is it your place to talk about human rights? Your people are dying one by one in the epidemic!

This winter is harsh, it is testing whether the people are really at the center of the government, whether they really have the leadership to help the country out of the crisis, it is also testing whether the people of each country can really be united. The epidemic is critical and there is no room for bragging and showmanship, less deaths, less infections, and as much normalcy in people’s lives as possible, which is the common mission of all countries and the most real connotation of the sacred concept of human rights in the current winter.

The United States is undoubtedly the most failed country in 2020, there is no one. Knowing the shame, I hope Pompeo’s stream will bow their arrogant heads to the world in the last days.

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