Kangana Ranaut’s décor for sister Rangoli Chandel’s exquisite new house sets an example of ‘vocal for local’! | People News

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Mumbai: Actor, director, writer and now an interior decorator – Kangana Ranaut is a woman of many talents. She recently turned designer for sister Rangoli’s new pad, and ensured it had a perfect mix of style, comfort and being a vocal advocate for sustainable fashion and Khadi, made optimal use of local material. 

Speaking from her newly designed home, Rangoli said, “We hired a local contractor from Kullu. I am not into décor. Kangana asked me what kind of house you want – Italian, French, Victorian, hill house or colonial. I said I don’t know all of these. I want a house which reflects my personality. So, Kangana made me and Ajay sit and made notes to understand our preferences.”

“Kangana loves old and rustic designs, but I told her I don’t want it that way. I like rustic and vintage, but I wanted something new and practical. Since it’s a hilly area, one can see a lot of woodwork. I told Kangana that we must use wood.I also told her that I love marble stones which she doesn’t. Kangana incorporated every single preference of mine while designing this home.”

Rangoli also spoke about how Kangana was involved in even minute details, “The artefacts and accessories were bought from various markets including Mumbai and Delhi. I am not even aware of some of these market. Kangana did the research! My rug has come from Udaipur. The carpet makers took six months to weave them. The idols in the mandir (temple) have come from Bengaluru. Kangana got throws for the living room from Kullu. Out of which one is made of Yak wool, and it has Kullu Patti (colourful design) which is also used in traditional topi worn by men in the area. Kangana took exceptional care and efforts while designing nephew Prithvi Raj’s room”, she added.

“Kangana designed it with a lot of colour and accessories. It has alphabets, planets and a lot of other things. Instead of installing a TV, Kangana chose to put Swami Vivekananda’s portrait because she wants him to get curious about Yoga and Sadhanas. It also has cartoons and games for him to enjoy. She also put up a swing for him in his balcony. The house is beautiful. I didn’t want a home which is designed with a ‘touch-me-not’ style. The more you use it, it becomes more beautiful. Everything used in the house is easy going, and it is looking beautiful and beyond my imagination. I am delighted that we went for everything locally.”


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